By Deveaux   

There are some places that I will remember for the rest of my life
though some have changed for the better others have not
some have stayed while others have gone
beneath the stars on a Sunday night in the field behind your yard
where we played games, sometimes we don’t say a thing
just listen to the cricket sing

I remember everything, the old familiar sting
the needle tears a hole full of broken thoughts I cannot repair
I remember all of the things we thought we wanted to be
so desperate to find a way out of our world and finally breathe
with those naïve looks on our faces and for a split second we felt alive

Beneath the stains of time, everything disappears
and within an eye blink our bond was strained from few to no words
life has happened to both of us in unfathomable complexities
shaping our very essence and being

True beauty and fulfillment we crave
ought not to be measured in currencies of fortune or glory
rather by the graceful touch on the heart of another
let us strive for this redemption, let this be our truce, our pact, our reminder
wherever life leads

So Inevitably, even in the middle of everyday's perplexities
with all of the problems of politics and economy
with Individuals flinging fearful words and all of us growing dispirited
when the pain cuts deep, when it maybe tempting to think, “this is the end"
then we'd both raise our heads to the stars with tears streaming down our cheek
and declare, "we'll make the most of it”.

Let this philosophy etch in your heart
hold these memory as you go
do not forget dear friend, never forget!
—Efe Joseph

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Key Words : Lost, friendship, closures, stars

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