By Lipika   

I am the Poetist.
A little bit of anarchy was always within me.
I am entitled to dream, and Beam----it in this world.

I am allowed to Be,
Myself is the mosaic of beauty and power.
A little bundle of fire, the sure Empowerer.
That's the process of Becoming ----in this world.

Complex is my equality,
And Independent was always my liberty.
Coloured was my sorority,
And that is Being ----in this world.

Multicultural is my ethnicity,
Sympathetic and critical my engagement with belief,
Republican is my justice,and that is just Me ----in this world.

Commutarian is my Good,
Instrumental virtues sustain my Institutions.
Cosmopolitan is my citizenship,
That is a Woman----in this world...

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An ode to all the women of this world,the sure Empowerers.