I try to keep my sanity,
Try hard to keep my mind.
I live In fear of acceptance and love,
I run from past mistakes.
My little time, on this earth,
I feel so torn apart.
I've been used and I've lied,
Mentally beaten, and I've cried,
The pills, do rest my mind.
The demons scream, the demons shout,
They'e tearing me up inside.
They lie to me, they sing to me,
Such beautiful lullabies.
If i don't get help I'll go insane ,
Please someone let them out.
I do not wish ill will on others,
They do not want this pain.
Someday I'll be free, The devils will flee, The demons all will run.
I need real love, I need a freind,
Someday my time will come.
Until that time I'll cradle my heart,
In this empty soul of mine.

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This Poems Story

This was written years ago during a very rough patch