What is this feeling,
Is it emptiness?
No matter how many people
Around me,
All I feel is loneliness.
I see a different life,
When I’m asleep.
But it hurts to wake up,
And realise it was a dream.
Always feeling unsatisfied,
Feeling dead inside.
No matter how much I try,
I’m closed off from outside.
Turning away from every problem,
Am I trying to find a solution?
Hearing voices all the time,
Finding excuses left and right.
Can’t express what I perceive,
To people around me.
Be it friends or family,
Pushed them away from me.
It feels like I’m stranded,
In a place with no lights.
Sadness prevails,
Do I know what I shall find?
This fiend exists,
It’s feeding on my fear.
I just have to fight,
Before I’m simply sheared. I keep screaming
But no one listens.
I try to escape
But find obstacles.
At every turn
I find a new path.
A new look at life,
But I’m afraid to know what
I’ll find.
How do I rise
Above this all?
Like a phoenix from the ashes,
Flying far and beyond.
All I need is to be aware,
All I want is for the world to care.
I know I’ll be strong,
It’s the battle of where I belong.

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