Can you hear me scream?
My insides flap from it's intensity.
A myriad of unending blubbering,
Squeezing life out of my soul,
Draping my sanity in a rumpled state,
So my insights are blurry and vague,
And causing a no vision of an end.
I scream cause my soul is lacerated
From the jagged piece of brokenness,
A mischief of depressing feelings,
Drowning my soul in deep black river,
That I gulp the intents of it's sorrow.
A great dirtiness has it left my stomach
I constipate from the disease of it.
My eyes are now a lonely space,
Seeing but only not moving or working.
My muscles are no longer firm,
They are a loose piece like old rag.
I watch me frail and wilt and clumsy, But my mouth can't speak a thing,
It's heart's words are terrifying,
A dissing emotional content.
I wish you could hear me,
For I am no longer me,
But a fleeting moment soon
To be gone with the wind.

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