I stare down at my hands,
Thinking about how I got here,
My heart is pounding in my chest,
And I’m thinking about how life’s unfair.
As I gaze up at the ceiling,
The bottle of liquor lays by my side,
Left to go over what had just happened,
No blanket could help me hide.
The news was the pull of the thread,
That held my hearts seam together,
Once it was pulled I caved in,
Body as fragile as a feather.
I cry for what seems like forever,
Wishing my life was taken before theirs,
Nothing could’ve prepared me for this,
There was no one left who cared.
My depression was a black hole,
Growing bigger each passing day,
Suicidal thoughts swam in my brain,
And I had nothing left to say.
My existence was a waste of space,
My life was a hopeless mess,
It was way too easy to end my life,
And end all the misery and stress.
Living without reason or purpose,
Without a single thing left to fight for,
Made those suicidal thoughts seem sweeter,
Because there was no one left to love me anymore.

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