Silence. That is all there is to be right now, silence.
I feel cold. Naked. There is nothing but me and my dignity.
I feel naked of my love, naked of my sensibility.
My palms are just to cold to feel.
They're just to broken to heal.
To heal my own broken heart, and put the shattered pieces back in their places.
My heart feels heavy, my mind feels weak.
My feet feel numb, my face feels cold.
I open my eyes, and see my breath look cold and dense,
in this foggy winter air.
I feel teardrops run down my cold, hard face, and my cheeks are marked with stains.
My teardrops are like diamonds on the ground.
Beautiful, elegant diamonds.
Those diamonds twinkle in my eyes, as I blink without purpose, and cry without reason.
My spirit feels troubled, and my soul feels open.
This icy air of night, leaves me feeling lost and closed,
as I stand alone with my heart broken, and my soul empty.

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