Empty is my favorite word, it understands me well
It's been my go-to favorite word ever since I fell
Since then I now have nothing left, except a pit of hell
I want to just let someone know, but I would never, ever tell

They wouldn't understand my pain, it makes me very sad
And then when I am really sad, it also makes me mad
Because I do not understand why I can't be glad
All I see is darkness and I know that's really bad

Everyday I ask myself the same question of why
And everyday I have no answer, so that makes me cry
And crying makes me feel so bad, it makes me want to die
When people ask me how I am, I always seem to lie

Maybe one day when I'm fine, I will get to see
A person that is healthy and a person that is me
But until then I suffer in my pitiful red sea
A ghostly girl who wanders 'round, lonely and empty

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