I thought I was getting better,
But I can feel myself breaking,
This fake smile won't last much longer,
My insides are deteriorating,
I tried to be strong,
I tried to move on,
And you all believed me,
Yet I faked it all along,
I can't get past this pain,
I'm stuck in this rain,
I never thought I'd say out loud that you broke me,
But you did, and now our memories, they haunt me,
I tried to open my heart to someone new,
But all I could do was think about you,
All the pain you put me through,
What did I ever do?
To deserve this kind of hurt,
Just when I thought I was improving,
I realized it's getting worse,
I feel like I'm suffocating,
I can't even breathe,
Just the thought of you takes the wind out of me,
I feel like they're digging my grave,
Each time they mention your name,
A piece of me dies,
There's not much left to me,
The emptiness has reached my eyes,
Never did I think I'd be so vulnerable,
Never did I think I'd give someone so much of me,
But I did,
Do you see what its done to me?
I've shattered easier than glass,
All because you became a part of my past,
The person I thought I would be with forever,
Has left me alone, our ties have been severed,
Along with my soul,
I just can't let it go,
How can someone leave you so empty?
I guess I just gave you too much of me...

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