I peer inside the the giant gaping hole
Like it was calling me towards its presence
Looming over me like a shadow
But keeping its place in the back of my head
Driving me to the point of insanity
Something felt wrong
I switch my gaze and notice someone
He was inside the hole
Tempting me with infinite choices
Now in the future i realizing he wasn’t looking out
But that he was looking in
Controlling my future
Manipulating my decisions
Swinging my moods
Getting me angry in a calm situation
I was uncontrollable
I had to stop him
But i learned the only way to stop him
Was to stop myself
And accept myself for who i am
A monster shadowed by the dark
A beast afraid of everyone and everything
A human being

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This Poems Story

It has a theme of depression and not that i have depression know what it feels like to go through