Empty Arms

Empty arms, go on reaching
They are in need of release
Weary eyes, keep searching
To help the heavy heart, find peace
Lonely souls, constantly drifting
Through the desolation of twilight
Desperate ears, struggle to hear
The sounds of hope, somewhere in the night

Nerves grown frayed
Patience has fell
The reality displayed
Is a living hell
The love once felt
Is a cruel memory
This hand I’ve been dealt
Wasn’t meant for me

Remnants of her touch
Outlast and sustain
Words and phrases of hers
Replay through my brain
Visions of her body
In the pale moonlight
Invade my waking thoughts
And my dreams at night

Restless feet, continue wandering
To strange places they don’t belong
The guile that was becoming
Is yet another thing long gone
The faith I carry, is wearing thin
Mind’s confusion keeps piling up
Constantly going against the wind
And My spirit has had enough

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