Empty chair

The man in the chair
Watch his days pass
Sitting between this world and the other
With one feet in the grave
Hunger for Death
Craves eternal rest
He prayed Lord please take me today
The day never came
when he thought it would
He fall asleep thinking it could be his last
Not to wake no longer
when the time he'll take his final breath
He wonder why was he still here
Health fails is this life his hell
Paying for his sins, to the Lord he prayed
Please take me today
Leave behind a empty chair
Felt it wasnt fair
All of sudden people came wondering
Where is the man
Who could no longer stand and once sit in the chair
The Lord heard his crys and came by
when the man thought he wouldn't
Couldn't shed a tear death he didn't fear
when I look that way
I'll remember a man who once set in that chair
Now sits a lonely
And empty chair
No ones there

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