Empty Cup


too often, people try to fill each other’s cups
when in reality,
cups are insatiable unless you fill them yourself.
i know you’ve heard the phrase
“you can’t pour from an empty cup”
or that in any relationship
“if both cups aren’t full,
it doesn’t work out.”
but what people don’t talk about
is the jeopardy of when both cups are satiated.
or maybe one cup has a corked lid-
perhaps it’s even like a cup of oil trying to mix with water.
then one decides to share what they have
into a perfectly complacent cup
only to witness all they’ve poured
so elegantly spill over the other cup,
not a drop of their essence permeating through the other.
watching their own pure love candidly drip and slosh
from the table onto the floor
like muddy waves washing up on the shore;
she tings with a feeling of disappointment and encumbrance
only to be left with nothing but an empty cup.

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