Empty Room

I had a dream a few nights ago
You were there, you should know.
In an empty room sat you and me.
Doors were closed, walls were blank, and the only noise.
Your voice, but it was only just a dream.

I awoke to my colorful walls
And one other important thing, my knowledge that you are gone.
But how could what felt so real be so fake?
My mind is blown, my eyes are tired, and my only hope.
I'll dream it again, and not so soon have to wake.

This dream has planted itself in my heart,
Because I saw you so perfectly again, like I did at the start.
I'll never know why you had to go so soon.
You're really gone; I can't stand it, and everyone else.
They seem to be okay, but you weren't in their dreams, were you?

I am sitting in an empty room
Things look the same, but here there is no sign of you.
I am saying goodbye for now, cause what else can I do?
No more tears, no more pain, and no more empty rooms.
Who am I kidding, I'll hurt forever as long as there is no more you.

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