Empty space

Big boobs Little boobs
Boobs that touch your chin.
White boobs tan boobs
Where do I begin?
Braless boobs get all the eyes and how the boys will grin..
Soft and creamy natural boobs are like silk and milk and honey. Not at all like the hard and awkward ones
that cost you tons of money.
Yet what really tops the list for me
are the spots where the boobies used to be. The warrior girls that carry these are strong and true and proud.They've been to hell and made it back they'll tell you right out loud..
That the smell of fear
when death comes knocking is something that we know. But these battle scars are proof you see You know ..the place where our boobies used to be ? They prove that cancer can take you down and leave our loved ones sad. But the will to live that we girls had shows that we're bitches and that were BAD.
It snatched a peice of flesh from me that ugly little liar
So I bound its tenuous creeping arms and through it in the fire. I'm still here Im still me. Im mine again. I win

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