Empty Time

I woke up the bed was empty
Yet that is really nothing new
My time here has shown me one thing
That its best if its just only you

Ive mistaken people for friends
Whenever I am not around
Or I am trying to better myself
Those same people turn on me in town

Sudedenly its their chance Im vacant
No one around to tell lies from the turth
They attack your character then, spit your name in the wind
Giving your name the worst verbal abuse

Ive mistake desire and lust for lovers
Those who should always have my back
With fenuine compassionate others
They will feed me first to the pack

They all have taken something magical
Turned it into the blackest stone
They've taken my things, my spirit, my every damn thing
Left me out here in the streets alone

I left my phone sitting on the nightstand
For the first time I have woken up in years
I did my best to be me, no one but me, not fake but Im free
Laid down and walked away from my fears

Some of them had more than fleeeting moments
There are a few of those fears that had a name
IIset them aside and Ilifted them to the sky
Then I sent them all burning into the flame

I take my moment to reflect on them all
A smile will not come to no true surprise
I couldnt love some of them, the others sank me then did swim
Ive got no one out here left but me and I

Layla Boswell

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