Enabled, Not Disabled

Have you ever been restricted?
Have you ever been contradicted?
Imagine being held against your will
No one believing in your ability or skill
Who says disabled people are weak?
Who says disabled people have a low physique?
Being disabled is like being a superhero
No one disabled believes in the number zero
Being disabled makes people strong
The word disabled is wrong
The word you're looking for is enabled
All these people are mislabeled
Stop feeling sorry for them
None of them are dumb
None of them are contagious
All of them are courageous
So lose the abuse
All of it is misuse
They are all unique
They are full of mystique
Stop treating them harshly
Don't take this poem lightly
There is one main lesson you should know
Do not forgo
Disabled is the wrong phrase
Enabled is the new craze!

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