A bird flew over me this morning and I didn’t wish to fly with it.
No second thoughts crept in as I ate my lunch today.
The feelings of agony and sorrow seemed to have lessen.
I don’t really understand how.
Did the pill really fix me?
Exaggerating. When I said I was so upset they said I was exaggerating. Now I take a
Pill every night to keep me “happy.”
Reality is slipping away though.
Easy to forget myself.
So much so that time does not feel like a real function anymore.
So many thoughts race through my mind.
All of them are kept quiet by the blue and white encasement.
No expression, just being.
Thank you for changing me,
So much that now I don’t really remember me.

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    This Poems Story

    A little bit of a confession on what hard days can feel like.