I wielded a magic wand,
Which brought me to this land.
I fell into an abyss
Uncanny and eerie. Yes, it is!
Swoop, swoop, swoop!
It throws me into a coop
Spooky and scary
I'm in topsy-turvy.
This is bursting my vena
Wish I had The Aegis of Athena!
What could be it's cause?
Maybe a hoax from The Wizard of Oz!
A chalice of sherry and
A loaf of bread.
One could awake the dead.
I'm left with Hobson's choice
Oh, there! I hear a noise
'Hax pax max Deus adimax'!
Give me courage, oh, Telamonian Ajax!
I find a Magic 8-Ball
Do I have to eat or drink? I call.
I hear a beep
Which awoke me from my sleep
It is cosy and warm
Well, I silenced the alarm!

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