Enchanted Deceptions

The horizon glistens with morning’s dew,
As Dawn alights, both near and far.
Remnants of love roll down a tear stained face,
Leaving the shame of these maniacal scars.
My dreams of you evaporate,
From the scorch of the arid night.
It burns now with a feverish rage.
Anguish, turning red in my sight.
The nightmares haunt me incessantly,
Every time I close my eyes.
Your ghostly voice ring in my ears,
More repetition fed by lies.
I see now the way you treated me,
Well, I fell for it real nice.
Your enchanted deception was picturesque.
And second chances never happen twice.

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Key Words : Heartbreak, pain, love

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This Poems Story

I wrote this in the midst of the heartbreak from my second marriage.