In my entire life, I was caged.
At times, under the veil of protection.
Occasionally, under the wall of love.
Extensively, under the blockage of beliefs.
Yet, I had the courage to give birth to my dreams.

They safeguarded me as a Daughter, Sister, Girlfriend, Wife, Mother.
However, never valued my vision as a human.
Yet, I had the strength to protect my conscience.

Weakening me at each feasible step,
Humiliating me at every possible way,
Poking me at my vulnerable spots,
The countless sleepless night I had gone through. Yet,
I had the endurance to accomplish my goal.

'What a happy ending it is,
How strong women I am,
Setting my name as a strong example,'
End of this small story always works for me as a pleasing halt.
Proud of the fact that I had fought in my life,
for making my existence worthy, for achieving heights in my life.
Something troubles me in my mind,
This journey bothers me hard more than the joy of the ending point.

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