Don’t call my name, I am not in your game
I will not sell my soul for your glory and fame
You came to me by midnight
For us to take a flight

Several times you have me resit
A test I take each time you revisit
No heart in your chest but a pounding hammer
Yet you came to me as a seducing charmer

Didn’t know what at stake for the mistake I was about to make
You are a stranger with a battered brain
Who appear to my doorstep in the middle of the rain
And your offer was a silly game, a deed without a name

It was twelve midnight and with this game it seems that i already lose
For the silly game that I choose
I was tempted to sin
But still I was able to refuse

The looks of what anyone would take to bed
The charm you possess can have a soul mislead
I felt possess by the presence of darkness
But my heart was empty and nothing was there to confess

Gold I receive for being deceived But misery is what I achieved
It was the hour to have my soul devour
And by embracing my desire I accept the word of a liar
Never did I realized that it was the deceiver

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Playing around and flirting with disaster have me decieve