End of Days

Why say we're free when we are being forced.
Why are we married only to be divorced.
Why is a saying ignorance is bliss
Because very few of uscan handle truth of this
Everyone else copes turning a blind eye.
It states us in the face and I can't understand why.
They can't handle reality how can they not see.
We are ruled by no-one only because we've allowed it to be.
Banding together we all can take back what's rightfully ours
Take back a precious land that our government devours.
If only they were awaken then we could all take a stand.
Save our mother earth her beauty sea and land.
If we band together 6ou know we could take them on.
All the army's they could throw at us and their ways would be gone.
We could actually live free of their laws and unfair ways.
Lightening up a new world times of better days.
No longer thinking we are free just because their were no bars.
Living life as prisoners yet still counting lucky stars.
Believing in a lie even though it stared us in the face
Ignorance our bliss for every human race.
Just takes one of us to stand up and yell it out so all can hear.
Reality of a life we've only been taught to fear.
Controlling us and making us think it's how it's meant to be.
So no-one asks the questions of their true reality.
Times coming to an end soon nothing will be worth.
Saving like humanity except our mother earth.
Thus is the end but still the heads are in the clouds.
Not talking one or two in talking massive crowds
For just one second ponder in that idea and the thought.
We only know what we know coz this is what were taught.
Now if for a second you think how it really is.
We could do as we please and life would be bliss.
So all can hear now if you read what I'm trying to say.
Toughen up and stand with me so we can all be free one day.
Have not a doubt in my mind that we could over run them all
All the armies they could throw at us we just have to make that call.

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