End of the Search

A true love forever electrifies
Bridging soul's justice that's justified
Consequences or situations only intensify
Dedication of mind,body,and soul hypnotized
Everything is devotion to try and unify
Flow like 2H2O our heart's as one I visualize
Guaranteed as contracts our tickers satisfied
Happiness over drowning from debt we strive
Interested other's appear to be mystified
Judging all the time they fantasize
Knightly about us I find it is wry
Looking at the arch hands locked mesmerized
Marry me my love? Surprize!
Now pouring like waterfalls out of your eyes
Obviously I love you and I also apologize
Please for give me,I don't want you too cry
Quietly I hear "Yes" it is verified.
Realizing our lives are changed I can't deny
Starting a family,something I've never tried
The next chapter of us forever fortified
United as one my brain you tantalize
Vandalized by enchantment we are glamorized
Waves into tsunamis we grow towards the sky
Xenophon could not specify
You and I,as well as our desire to try
Zamenhof on the other hand may understand why

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