End-Tunnel Radiance

I see great things are going to happen
For you, my Child, I see the storm ending
Come with me to the brighter side of life
Where for every drop of rain, a flower grows
Look out of the tunnel
Push your heart to get out there
Use your organs to reach higher powers
Then you will find your true purposes
This all starts with focus
Feel the Love and let your heart open
I’m here for you
Always remember those words
All you need is Love has already been said
By one of the greatest bands no longer alive
But I repeat it today
Saying Love is all you need
Open your heart up to greater horizons
Dream beyond the lives of rock stars
Dream to spread love
Dream to find your purposes
Dream until you die
But never forget to take action
Coming out of the tunnel is where we begin
A dark place turned into something beautiful
A garden in a tunnel refreshed by the water of tears
Now growing outside from the tunnel’s exit
Keep your garden growing, as you keep moving
Clear your mind in deep meditation
The flowers will grow tall and high
Always moving with you to where great things are going to happen

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