all by my lonesome gotta figure out something sometime on my own some
solitarily confining myself to be isolatedly still aware
im here but just stay over there
please excuse me while I face my demons and try to resist leaving
from this feeling of unsatisfactory healing
I hate to seem like I'm be unreasonably mean but I need time
to clean out my closet full of old bones
they're starting to stink
making me blink and over think frantically while pacing and
peeping consciencly feeling something monsterly over my shoulder
someone is seeking the dismantle of my domain
and I just can't refrain the smothering agitation
to be aware of that thing that goes bump at night
this inhuman containment of my soul just can't be right
got lost in my own mind
confused by own dreams
my world is diminishing at the seams
and I can't help but to be distracted by my distasteful obsession
with loves scheme

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