There was once an idea of equality for all
That did not discriminate, separate or appall
It gave every person their own identity
Which was uninfluenced by any entity
But this noble notion was lost for so long
When people lost their right to their song
This idea is so craved by so many today
And changing times are showing a way
But this way is allowing questions to arise
Questions that are important to emphasize
Some may wonder, question and query
Whether the answer to this is necessary

But the questioners will question:
Should importunities be given opportunities
Opportunities to be given social immunities
Immunities that may be seen as impunities
Or is this a wish for disunity in our communities

We must also take into consideration
The other matters that need vocation
Does everyone deserve what they truly seek
The fame, the power, the wealth, or physique
Is it something they must work hard to get
Or a gift that they will receive without a sweat

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