Ending of A Sound

By Caleb   

A ghostly vocal sings its song
beautiful and sad confusion again in the same haunting sound
Strolling names and events of people that may never come around
It is unknown the author as well as the musician
who drags out the sadness in its tone
One-two-three-voices melded as a single sometimes
in an unpoetic non-lyrical zone
of no waves that resemble intros plus verses
that will ever be known that they are present words
sang in an over and over freestyle
that does not create sense inside repetitive eyes

A ghostly vocal sings its song again
The same song without a title
and it lasts beyond idle
This time
there is no escape as was before
from it through every door
closed and then reopened
to get away from such a haunting sound that has been experienced before
It continues

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    This Poems Story

    Ending of A Sound is about weird noises that are difficult to explain.