Endings can be good.
Ending an abusive relationship; cutting ties with a toxin.

Endings can be bad.
Ending a great friendship; letting an innocent soul wander confused.

Endings can be horrible.
Fear can hold you by the neck and choke you
When the one you love leaves the world…
When the hands of suicide grasp their wrists.

Endings can leave you happy.
Like the ending to a good movie or the end result of a painting.

Endings can leave you bitter.
Like the bitter taste of grapefruit without sugar or the metallic flavor of blood on the tongue that makes your bones shake.

Endings can leave you shattered, broken, hopeless.
Like a butterfly with a broken wing.
Like a dog left abandoned.
Like a house deserted and empty.
Like a heart ripped out and crushed.
Like a body hitting the concrete.
Like the blood falling from their wrists
Like untold stories and forgotten memories.
Like a child sitting alone at lunch because he has no friends.
Like the girl covering her face in a façade just to fit in.

Like a soul beaten and torn to shreds.
Like his swollen eyes and giant tongue when you find him hanging.

The string is thin.
Don’t let your ending be his.

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