Endless Depression

This sense of bleeding internally
Is masked by the ingenuous expression plastered on my face
My eyes mask my heartache
The pain and anguish from within
My lips mask my sharp tongue
Brought forth with my extreme dislike for bullshit
brought about each day
My ears shield me form you harsh and condemning words
This sense of bleeding internally
Drowning at the hands of myself
My thick skin protects me from disease
That spreads with the lies from others
But this sense of bleeding internally
No one can cause for harm to me then me
Your lies cannot touch me
Your negativity cannot reach me
Your criticism and judgment cannot faze me
I cannot afford to fall at the hands of anyone else by myself
No one else can define me
But when will I get the chance to breath
Breathe without having to gasp for every breath
When will I have the chance to be ostentatious?
However, I am discouraged by my own thoughts of
Regret,failure and disappointment
I know I want to breathe nevertheless the air within me is lost
This sense of bleeding internally
Surely cannot be my fate

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