Endless in the Society

What's your Religion?
What's your Caste?
These are the questions
Human race asks

Why do we differentiate
On the self-made masks?
If He is one
Differentiated none
A creature of
Two eyes,
Two hands,
Two legs,
Blood red,
All made same.
What made them so insane
they forgot God's rules and name ?
Man made his own God
Who differentiated a lot
On colour, occupation, race, creed
Followed no law of deed.
Karma became a frightful agent
Who created middle agents (pandits) ?

There's nothing that can connect you to Divine
Middle agents are all futile.
I believe in no religion
Because I'm taught no differentiation.
I see all as good souls
His children and nothing more
I know a religion - Humanity
Respect all belief, faith and plurality

I can hear the cries of mothers
Outside the temple stairs,
I can see the children begging
In front of wealthy men,
I see no one helping
All laughing
And some

I can see the infamous
Being respected
Sitting on seats
With bundle of notes underneath,
I can see the kindness
Hidden behind poverty.

And this all is

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