Endless Love

I remember when we first got together
It was like love at first sight
I loved you,
You loved me
Nothing could break us apart
But as time went by, I notice change
The way you talked, The way you dressed
Just you has changed
I notice that you gave others the attention and satisfaction
that you never gave to me
That's when I known we wouldn't be together forever
But I stuck with you
Little broken pieces falling
I picked them up and glued them back
They kept falling and falling
And I kept gluing and gluing
But one day I didn't glue fast enough and it broke into tinier pieces
You was laughing and joking
I was crying and hurting
I was in the dark trying to put the little pieces back together
To build up what we had
But I knew that wasn't going to happen
Cause one day that tiny little piece will turn into dust
Just like me and you never excisted

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