Endless Pain

Why do I feel the end is near?
The darkness haunts my every fear.
Can't speak, can't cry, can't think at all.
Each way I turn, another wall.
Wish someone could save me,
But I can't even save myself.
Don't eat, don't pray, don't smile at all.
My shallow thoughts, who can I call?
Laugh outside while hurting on the in.
No one knows what I'm thinking or feeling.
No love, no thoughts, not a care at all,
I wish they could see my crashing walls.
Every night in my sleep,
I get the feeling they will be back to haunt me.
Won't talk, can't talk, don't talk at all.
I'm still running alone, speeding, crashing into walls.
You told me you would be there and abandoned me.
The crazy fazes stopped, but the visits haven't.
Got a bad, dumb feeling the end is near and the end is tragic.
But who can I tell or run to? Who?

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