Endless Reminders.

I get new reminders of you all the time,
It’s a day to day thing passing through my mind,
I wish I could help it but the truth is I see,
I see into you through the eyes of me,

And that’s just because I’m able to see more,
Beyond what you show even if you ignore,
Ignore the fact that we made this bond,
I feel it inside me, it still continues on,

Like I’ve said too, that won’t come every day,
But when it does you have to see it in an open sort of way,
The kind of way where your mind stays wide,
So you can look too and see deep inside,

Inside those who have a strong heart,
You can feel it within, and you feel it from the start,
That’s the whole point, that’s what makes it real,
The fact that you can see it, understand it, and feel,

But the point comes down to it’s not every day,
Rarely can you ever see, feel, and play,
With someone you first meet who shares such a connection,
From their body to their mind to the way of your direction,

So if you see it even once, don’t ever pass it up,
It’s the greatest gain ever in this game of bad luck,
You can’t even realize fully until it’s happened to you,
But when it does, don’t take for grant it, the things that it can do.

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