Endless Thoughts

Got up to start the day, got to go but I'd rather stay
Nothing that I can't control
Feel like the cereal in my bowl
Life's the spoon shaping my road, got me out on the go
Is life really just a dream, leaving things to seem the same
The clouds look like sugar and cream
Through my window I see the sun beam
I lay back and watch the light turn green
I watch the globe get smaller and smaller
And so I see things don't last forever
A chief's words people turn to hear
Some games get played out there
The sun rises over the horizon
I see a small storm starting to brew
A dark sky forms where it was once blue
The mind has endless thoughts as i see dots and spots
Gone crazy someone help me please
Don't know what there is to believe
And it's a long road but a path that slowed
Times are in constant change
Things start to feel more strange
It's just a wonder land, why can't you understand
Is it the beginning or just the end
Some say the end is near, I don't apprehend
The birds are singing got me dreaming
Is the end or just a beginning

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