I never truly understood the love that we had
It was deliberately enchanting, ravishing, glorious
It was a dream come true
Nothing felt better than me with you
You brought out the best in me
Bathed my soul in blessings that I myself couldn't see

But soon things changed
Something dipped his soul in a bowl of terrorism
Took his looks and wore his name
I thought of it as a phase
How could the love of my life be someone who just played games

Sooner than later I began to wonder whether I'd be next week's pick
He'd turned into any average guy, love was last on the list
Respect was nowhere to be found
He broke my heart left me space-bound

I didn't understand
How could someone whose purpose was to rescue me
Break my soul, third degree
I was forced to wake up, face reality
And though he'll never be who he once was
Without a doubt, I will love him endlessly

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