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I've been thinking about having you talk with my a few of my exes, so they can tell you where they went wrong and what they wish they would have done differently. Not to stroke your ego or humble their pride but to open your eyes about what a woman like me truly desires. But if I had to guess I think they'd tell you to spend more time with. Get to know me on a level you've never known. Show me that you appreciate me. Prove your love in the way you treat me. I think they'd tell you I'm a one in a million type of person. There is not anything I won't do for you. I'm sure they'd tell you to hold me, because when I'm gone that will be one of the main things you'll miss. They'd tell you to tell me how you truly feel now before its too late. They'd tell you to make all the memories of me smiling with you. They'd tell you I'm beautiful inside and out. They'd tell you I like to take long walks in the summer sun and staying up all night just talking. They'd say listen to every word I speak, it will come back up at a later date. They'd tell you to show me passion inside of your compassion. They would tell you to share your dreams with me, they'd say I will ignite whatever flame life blew out. They'd tell you I am a home of safety and your walls have no use between us. They'd tell you to think about me first and put me there too. They'd tell you to give me your world, not to control it but to align everything so perfectly just so I could feel your heart smile. They'd tell you fancy things never impressed me, it's the quality of the little things that will make me melt. They could say a lot of things to you about where they've failed. But most of all they'd tell you to hold me and never let me go. To love me, unconditionally.

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