Energize Me

I seek a great emotional tide,
To fill the empty years I've sighed.
A feeling of power,
Deeper than my prayers,
To take me anywhere.

I will now grow quite old.
But can my mind stay young?!
Searching, seeking, wanting feeling,
Feeling deeper than the sun.
Oh yes! that sun that stares,
Upon this earth with burning glare,
Whose surface, temper often flares,
Whose heart has fuel ever there.
Burns life until the very last.
Whole being serves His purpose vast.
Keeping life in harmony,
With heat and light and energy.
God, oh God who made the sun!
Grant me in my midnight run,
'Fore I reach my twilight years;
Cast off from me my basest fears,
And let me in age, live as youth begun...
Brightly lit, just like the sun!

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This Poems Story

I'm a small town guy who grew up on the southern shore of Lake Superior. After a few bouts with dogmatic religion and emotionally draining relationships I have realized that God placed me here to look across a shoreline and wonder what is on the other side. He made me see a hill for what may lay beyond it, to look into the sky and envy the sun. We were meant to live for so much more than the pop culture has to offer. We were designed to see deeper than tradition. We were given life to have it in abundance. In this poem I seek to find that life.