Everyone on every continent is affected by what’s going on today
Trade wars, market fluctuations, political debacles and more...
Space junk falling, shootings, global warming, drought, famine
Unknown results to these issues is what is for sure
Heads of government or political party
No one person should control life, death and/or the destiny...
Of displaced persons, migrants, refugees, immigrants
Because we do not know what the future will bring to you or me
Know that we are all brothers and sisters, every man and woman
Regardless of race, color, creed, orientation or national origin...
Hope, love and joy are sought by us all, every minute, every day
If we can all live in harmony, then and only then peace can begin
For today’s world we cannot expect the past norms in life
As we are living in ever changing dubious times today...
There is no norm or status quo  that can be upheld - seek change
Look around, do your best to be part of that change, I’d say
In seeking change, expect for there to be challenges
Be mindful of right and wrong, good and bad...
What is wrong may not be so bad and
What is  right may not always be good, so sad
Engaging humanity to live in harmony for the rest of their life
Seek happiness for old, young, Mom, Dad, child, husband, wife!

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