One of the women on the trip, gave me such a start
Cause on her finger was a tattooed purple heart.
It stood out well against her skin, her beautiful brown physique,
And I hope and pray that one day soon in person we will meet.
Yet something about her troubled me, perhaps it was her lip
She bit it constantly, thus causing it to rip
Or maybe it was the way she tapped her tiny silver feet
To a song she heard inside her head, a rapid melodious beat
She looked as if in a hurry she was, causing anxiety
Although I had a conflicting thought, she must have time surely
She spoke to me in a low, low voice, so sweet and lively
She was a teacher in a school and would have worked for free
Suddenly her neat appearance became apparent to me
From her virgin white dress it was so pretty I can see
To her silver-colored feet shining while she tapped
To a mysterious beat yet so familiar I adapt
She had this light about her, in her soulful eyes
She made laughs and smiles and people happy in their lives
I know she made me happy, that much is true
So thank you beautiful one, the woman I never knew

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