Enigma of Despair

Hallow's Eve, a name from thee, has death's abode received?
A felony does thee succeed? A deed once deemed worthy
Or does ye mind yield cowardice, a light and holy shield?
A debt from birth, ye father's wish now done must be fulfilled
Since dark has come, deemed worthy claim, I'm here to take thy soul
Unless a stain, a silly stain, of scarlet sores emerge
Upon a dress, a sister's breath, heartbeat fades to old
So life or death, care I not consider warily first
The time is here the clock struck twelve, and death is finally here
Heaven and die, or live in Hell, a choice it seems appears
So tell me, lad, a fickle story; I'll tell you how it goes
Now it's time, you must decide-to start or end the show

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