Enjoying a Cuppa Tea

While the Russian fight for vodka,
and the Irish hoarding a sea of beer,
the British sit enjoying only their cuppa tea.

While the German sling sausage chains by the case,
and the American package pre-cooked bacon by the pound,
the British sit only consuming their cuppa tea.

While the Italian steal for the Mafia,
and the French have under-aged girls running street corners,
the British sit with the yearning of only their cuppa tea.

While the Australian's dialect is composed of swears,
and the Jamaican can only say 'mon',
the British sit with their good sirs as they drink their cuppa tea.

As the other countries deal with crime and uneducated drunken folk,
the posh British will not have to deal with that,
for the sun never sets as a bloke is enjoying a cuppa tea.

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