By Da Poet   

We must have dialogue,
we must talk, and speak,
amidst all the confusion,
so many we must reach.

It’s not just in Ferguson,
or B-more that we see this mess,
it’s a much larger systematic problem,
that has cause this civil unrest.

Lend me your ears, hope you’re listening,
for what we say is true,
the media miss quotes, and distorts the truth,
for ratings what else is new?

We all need to listen,
and see what’s really going on,
devise a plan to correct these things,
in solidarity, unite, and be strong.

The U.S. labels itself as the leader,
well, what a poor example in full view,
we leading all watchers straight to hell,
doing the things that we do.

The whole worlds watching these things unfold,
and in case you didn’t know it,
this is real, real people are dying,
this ain’t no movie or T.V. show?

Strong words are spoken,
speeches are hot air,
it's time for action,
so let’s go, be fair.

The time is now at hand!!!


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