I often wonder why I feel
The way one does, when they are lost.
Like there is no one around to ask
for directions.

It's like my mind is telling me one thing,
Yet, my gut feeling is saying otherwise.
Everyday is a battle that never seems to end.
I just want to make amends.

The little voice inside my head,
keeps telling me I am of no worth.
Though my heart disagrees and says
That I am of great value.

As the day ends I hope for peace
As I begin to ready myself for bed,
I pray to God that I may rest well
Until the morrow.

As I get ready to slumber I hear this voice
It simply says you are loved and of great value
Nothing in this world can compare to your worth.
You are a precious child of God!

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This Poems Story

For me, I like this poem because it says a lot about what goes on in someones mind when they don't feel that they are of any worth to this world or anyone around them. I'ts like they are lost in this world because they have something nagging at them in the back of their mind, but are not sure who to turn to. Kinda like asking for directions to get somewhere where they need to be. My biggest struggle has always been learning to ask for help...I always had that nagging situation in the back of my mind. But then I turn to God and he reminds me that I am of great value to this world. That I shouldn't be afraid to ask for help when I need it. And that I am loved and wanted.