By DMAC   

He finally did it, tho it took many years
He chipped away at her walls slowly exposing her fears
He broke her down mentally she can't blame him for that
She let down her own guard, that part she regrets
It's that moment she was crumbling and begging again
That her heart finally realized she meant nothing to him
It took all that she had when she left him that night
To slam that bar door and give up with no fight
It wasn't the first time that he didn't come home
But it was definitely the last time she'd refuse to let go
He had chose someone else over her once again
And his ride or die promise was broken times ten
It's at that very moment old memories came clear
Of a confident girl she once seen in a mirror
She use to feel confident, beautiful and smart
But those years of abuse had her riddled with doubt
He had artfully molded and crafted a wife
Year after year to complete his lifestyle
She was blind to his lies, she loved him so much
But sometime that night enough was enough
A strong willful girl mixed with fire and spice
Is the one she'd forgotten all those years as his wife
When he walked down those steps while hearing her cry
Her back finally strengthened and she whispered goodbye
That free spirited girl she'd lost back in time
Rushed out of her suddenly and helped her decide
That no matter what happens she would never again
Give that kind of power TO THAT KIND OF MAN!!!!

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    This Poems Story

    A spin on an unhealthy relationship that may give hope to someone who is abused and fighting to hold on.