A tear rolls down his cheek while he sits sad and alone on his bed
His heart had been crushed by a girl leaving him hopeless and inside, dead.
He did not know how to take this sudden and unexpected news
And so he found himself crying out to God in a church pew.

You see this man had been cheated on by his girlfriend and it was the way found out
That hurt him the most, as when he came home from work one night his friend told him about
How that while he was gone that day his friend had slept with his girl in his bed
And now you see why that left him empty and dead.

After a brief argument with his girlfriend their relationship came to a brief end
And now alone, sad, and worthless this mans life he felt he would spend.
That is what is so messed up you see that he did nothing wrong,
But at the end of the day he is the one writing the breakup song

That he could do everything right and still not be enough for someone
And so there he sits, and he feels right for no one
But God has a plan for us all no matter if we think so or not
And soon his eyes opened and he began to pray alot.

For no one should feel worthless and not good enough for another
But sadly he did because of a girl and also his mother.
We all just want to be good enough in others eyes
We all want to be content with all our goodbyes
But stop, hold up and let me just tell you this one thing
We are all good enough, says the Lord God our King.

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