how could I ever be enough for him.
How can I be the one he could put trust in.
A liar is who I've always been,
even though I know it's a sin.
The truth can sometimes make him mad.
The situation can quickly turn bad.
How many times have I heard them say,
"I'm not like that, I always walk away."
And how many times have we heard before,
"I promise I won't do it anymore."
Others try to say that it's our fault.
Like we are the ones who caused the assault.
But it's time for us to stand up and live.
We can only take so much before we have nothing left to give.
Our wounds and cuts can always be sewn.
We dream of leaving and getting out on our own.
Our scars and memories will always remain,
people will judge us,call us insane.
They don't understand how hard it is to walk away.
They can't believe how long we stay.
But they have never walked in our shoes.
They walk around will nothing to lose.
It takes a long time to believe in yourself.
And to regain your mental health.
It's one of the hardest things that you will ever do.
It's difficult to go back to just being you.
So if you haven't gotten up the nerve to leave him just yet,
it might be because the real you you haven't met.
She's in there somewhere deep inside,
she's fighting her way to the surface with each rising tide.
When she surfaces you'll slowly gain self respect.
Don't be down on yourself if your not there just yet.
And remember when you lie to him today,
he is the one who made you this way.

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