Enough is Enough

‘Oh, you're pansexual? Doesn't that mean bisexuality?’
‘Don't let her near the kitchen, she’ll fuck the pans!’
‘You fuck pandas? Or any type of animal?’

Let's get this clear and separate the fact and fiction.
Pansexuality is when you find more of the person personality attractive rather than their gender.
Haha, kitchen utensils get me soooo horney, I can barely contain myself. Like I haven't heard that one before.

And Christ no, I do not commit bestiality. Where the fuck did you hear that from?
Yeah now you know, oh you don't? Because of what people told you? Oh okay, don't believe your partner then. Don't take the time to look it up, it only takes two seconds and who has time for that.
Great, let's continue with the knowledge I’ve given you and you've chosen to ignore.

‘No I understand baby, but if you ever have urges to have sex with a girl, go right ahead. I won't be mad, just let me watch.’
Ohh so now you’re just sexualizing me and other women, but if I want to hook up with a guy because of ‘urges’, you'll be pissed?
Doesn't sound right, does it?

Because it has absolutely nothing to do with urges you dipshit.
Don’t sexualize women for your own damn pleasure.
Enough is enough.

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