I sat alone one night and thought to myself,
How nice it would be to be kissing you,
Instead of missing you,
I can't help but feel the touch of your lips on my neck,
Tracing the spot with my fingers,
As if it would replace you,
I can't help but feel your hands at my waist,
Your warm embrace,
I showered three times to get the scent of you off of my skin,
After you walked away,
But you are still attached to my heart,
Every step you took as you walked away opened a new wound,
And everything that was me,
Spilled across the floor,
Look at the mess you've made of me.
I try to sew together the layers of heart,
So i can go to you and say look,
Look at how strong I can be for you,
I transformed my entire being into the one that you always wanted,
But I guess that was not enough.

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