Entangled Hate

This presence this... aggression
The oppression I cannot bear, for the fruit of evil
Gave birth to a creature unkind whose sanity you can't find
It will conceive a creep of darkness and transform the wicked
But the noise of its existence it's far behind for
It's bloody hands will clench your wicked soul
Holding it captive but how could you ever know?
For you soul was gone all along drowning in the pool of tar
And I can see you peering into my soul with red eyes which
You shouldn't be allowed to wear with your malevolent skin
Your presence bewitches evil desires
And entangles light with dark
And your flakes of fire touch down as hot at your hate
And your corroding wings melt away all good
Such a creature shouldn't be able to live
Your stalking presence is a menace
You hover over a life that can't be yours
Because you were emptied of your heart long ago
And now you come to dine on others soul
Such a beast should stay in the cage of hell
Instead of the one in my mind, the sin the will take root within
And feed on your unholy skin
It's always wearing a mechanical grin
Unaware of the sin within
For you are a beast from hell-but a mortal form
And it succeeded to make all of us morn and feel torn

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